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Meal Plans

Meal plan options for Summer 2014

Envoy Flexible Spending Account

The Envoy meal plan allows students to purchase meals or snacks at any of the dining locations listed below without spending cash. A minimum initial deposit of $100 is required. Any remaining amounts in the account at the end of the Summer Session will automatically carry over into the student's academic year meal plan.

If a student has no meal plan for the upcoming academic year, any unused balance will be refunded minus a $20 service fee. Plans will be effective from May 19 through August 9, 2014. After the initial deposit, Envoy meal plan holders may add money at any time by visiting the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events.

Sign up at the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (111 Shriver Center).

We are excited to offer convenient Meal Plans for on campus dining. Meal Plans are accepted at all of our on-campus dining, market, and concessions locations.

Students living in a Residence Hall are required to participate in our residential dining program, and the Diplomat Meal Plan is designed specifically for students who will be dining with us regularly.

Off-campus students & Heritage Commons residents are not required to participate in our dining program. However, each year a majority of Heritage Commons and off campus students choose to enjoy Miami's award winning dining services! Why not join them?

2014-2015 Meal Plans



Miami Express

First Year Residents

Upperclass Residents

Heritage Commons, Off-Campus and Commuter Students

Balances carry over from fall to spring semester

Meal Plan accounts are active as long are you are enrolled at Miami University. Meal Plan balances will be rolled over from year to year and may be applied to any Meal Plan. Meal Plan balances are NOT refundable or transferable.

Please Note: Some scholarship Meal Plans do not roll over from year to year.

If you have additional meal plan questions, please contact Student Housing & Meal Plan Services at 513.529.5000 or by email at You may also visit us in-person in room 111 of the Shriver Center.