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Off-Campus Meal Plans (Academic Year 2009-2010)
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Off-Campus Meal Plans
(Academic Year 2009-2010)

You may submit your request for a meal plan change in writing at the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (HOME) or online at www.muohio.edu/MyCard. Meal plans may be changed at any time during the first 2 weeks of the semester with no service charge. After this two week grace period, a $35 service fee will be assessed if cancelling or changing to a lower Meal Plan.

Attaché is our popular and convenient choice for off-campus and commuter students. It is a flexible spending account for students who are looking for the additional benefit of purchasing meals or snacks, without the need to spend cash or use a credit card. Attaché Meal Plan may be purchased with or without an Ambassador Meal Plan.

  • Receive 15% off cash prices at Buffet locations! That means if you visit a Buffet Location you can have all-you-care-to-eat breakfast for $6.59, lunch for $8.50, and dinner for only $10.20! Attaché plan holders pay normal cash prices at all non-buffet locations.
  • Open an Attaché Plan today! Sign-up on your MyCard page, or by visiting the Housing & Meal Plan Office (111 Shriver). You will be asked to choose from the following convenient levels. You can also add money to your account at any time by visiting MyCard or the Housing & Meal Plan Office.
  • Any unused Attaché account balances will carry over from fall to spring semester, but will NOT carry over from one academic year to the next. In the spring, unused balances will be refundable minus a $35 service fee to your bursar account. You will also have the choice of transferring your remaining balance to your MUlaa account (during the last two weeks of spring semester


For students who don't want to budget each purchase.

The meal times for Ambassador meal plans are:
  • Breakfast: midnight to 10:29am
  • Lunch: 10:30am to 4:29pm
  • Dinner: 4:30pm to 11:59pm

Cash equivalencies at all à la carte locations:
  • Breakfast $5.30
  • Lunch $6.70
  • Dinner $7.60

Ambassador VIII - $2,336 per semester
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily

Ambassador VII - $1,965 per semester
  • Lunch & dinner daily

Ambassador VI - $1,580 per semester
  • Lunch & dinner weekdays

Ambassador V - $1,140 per semester
  • Dinner daily

Ambassador IV - $1,025 per semester
  • Lunch daily

Ambassador III - $900 per semester
  • Dinner weekdays

Ambassador II - $765 per semester
  • Lunch weekdays

Ambassador I - $370 per semester
  • Any 3 meals from Friday dinner through Sunday dinner