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First Year-On-Campus Meal Plans (Academic Year 2011-2012 )
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First Year-On-Campus Meal Plans
(Academic Year 2011-2012 )

You may submit your request for a meal plan change in writing or online to the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (HOME). You may only lower your Diplomat level before August 22, 2011 for fall semester and before January 9, 2012 for spring semester. You can make additional deposits anytime using MyCard.


Buy as much or as little food as you want, as often as you like, during the times most convenient to you.
  • Our Diplomat meal plan is a declining balance account. You will have the convenience of making meal or snack purchases anywhere throughout the entire day. Its unique approach to campus dining includes discount food prices and a membership fee each semester to cover non-food costs.
  • You can use the plan throughout the day, seven days a week.
  • You get discount prices on food, beverages, and complete meals.
    • 60% discount at buffet locations (unlimited portions, economical choice for complete meals)
    • 40% discount at To Go Windows
    • 30% discount at à la carte locations (for when you want a particular specialty or brand meals or a snack)
  • You receive the best value by meeting most of your food needs on campus.

How it works
  • Choose one of the Diplomat plans described below, and a deposit is made into your declining balance account.
  • As you purchase food, beverages, and complete meals during the semester, your balance decreases.
  • You can keep track of your account balance two ways. Each time you use the plan, your account balance is displayed at the register. You can also check the web for weekly itemized cardholder statements.
  • If your account balance gets low, you can add funds anytime during the semester at the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (HOME) or online at

Diplomat meal plans $2,571 - $3,271 per semester
To determine which plan is best for you, estimate how many meals you will eat a week:
      Buffet & Snack
    discounted prices
    Average number of breakfasts eaten a week X $3.30 = $0.00
    Average number of lunches eaten a week X $4.20 = $0.00
    Average number of dinners eaten a week X $5.10 = $0.00
    Average number of snacks eaten a week X $2.00 = $0.00
    Total dollars per week:         $0.00
        X  16.5 weeks
    Grand Total:   $0.00

    Diplomat dollars Membership fee Semester cost
    $1,700 (Miami adds $70 bonus) $1,571 $3,271
    $1,600 (Miami adds $60 bonus) $1,571 $3,171
    $1,500 (Miami adds $50 bonus) $1,571 $3,071
    $1,400 (Miami adds $40 bonus) $1,571 $2,971
    $1,300 (Miami adds $30 bonus) $1,571 $2,871
    $1,200 (Miami adds $20 bonus) $1,571 $2,771
    $1,100 (Miami adds $10 bonus) $1,571 $2,671
    $1,000 $1,571 $2,571

  • Diplomat dollar cost: For the top seven plans ($2,671 - $3,271), Miami adds a $10 - $70 bonus deposit to your account.
  • Program assessment: covers non-food costs, including labor, utilities, and maintenance. Because this fee is paid upfront, the plan provides automatic discounts on purchases during the semester.
  • You may use your Diplomat account throughout the semester. Balances carry over from fall to spring semester, but they do not carry over from spring semester to the following fall semester. Diplomat dollars left over at the end of the spring semester will be transferred to your MUlaa account.