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Special Dietary Needs

The Culinary Support Center at Miami University is committed to providing our students with an exceptional on-campus dining experience that takes into consideration our students' different cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations, medical needs and lifestyle choices.

Miami Dining Services strives to provide our guests with a variety of dining options, specifically tailored to their particular dietary needs. Students, who are concerned about their general health and wellness and follow a special diet to maintain health, can make choices to suit their needs from our Winning Seasons and Pastato menu options. Dining Services provides students with information that is helpful in selecting the foods that meet with each individual's dietary needs. Nutritional information is available to answer basic questions, regarding calorie, fat, protein, carbohydrate and sodium content of many foods offered in the dining facilities.

Most special diets, with guidance from our staff, can be handled by the student with the variety found in the menus. Students whose religious or lifestyle practices prohibit or restrict the consumption of certain foods are able to satisfy their nutritional needs by a number of choices offered as well.

For more information regarding special diet needs, please call Culinary Services at 529-3040.