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Kosher Diets

Kosher frozen meals are available upon request. Meals are double sealed by the manufacturer for use in the microwave to ensure they maintain their kosher status. Meals include a meat, starch and vegetable. Students may supplement these meals with other dining location offerings (i.e., fresh produce, beverages, etc.). We know that there are levels of adherence to kosher dietary law and each individual keeps kosher their own way. Vegetarian options are available for those observing kosher dietary law through not consuming non-kosher meats. We also use symbols to help identify menu items that contain beef, pork, fish/shellfish and dairy items.

A variety of kosher items are available, including snack foods, soups, noodle and rice bowls, and vegetarian meals at our campus markets. Kosher frozen meals can also be bought at the campus markets for a quick meal on the go.


Dining Services supports kosher meals at Hillel at Miami University for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover. We also provide a large selection of kosher for Passover foods in our campus markets. While we do not have a kosher kitchen we do prepare Passover foods such as matzo pizza and matzo potato kugel in our dining facilities.

Students adhering to orthodox Jewish dietary laws can request a campus apartment. The number of apartments will be designated, based upon demand from students. The standard room rate for Heritage Commons applies.

Halal Diets

Kosher meal options and or vegan/vegetarian options can be used to accommodate students following Halal dietary guidelines.