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Vending machines are located throughout campus including residence halls & academic buildings.

Purchases using your Miami ID are deducted from your MUlaa account. On-campus students were given the option to deposit funds into the MUlaa account at the beginning of the term. Any student, on-campus or off-campus, may deposit funds into the MUlaa account.

Faculty and Staff
Purchases are payroll deducted if you have signed up for payroll deduction with the Bursar's office. You may also prepay for purchases by adding funds into your MUlaa account.

If you have a problem with a vending machine where you do not receive your product, please let us know. All approved refunds will be credited to your MUlla account if you enter your UniqueID or Banner ID. Processing will take longer and cash will be refunded to approved requests otherwise.

Office Coffee Service
Complete this MS Word document to request coffee service for your office and email it to

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there healthy choice options in vending machines on campus?
Miami Vending Services is striving towards creating Healthier Vending options for our customers. Vending Services is in the process of installing GREEN PRODUCT PUSHERS in all snack machines to identify our heathier options that we are offering. We continue to explore new and great tasting snacks to offer our customers. We hope you enjoy our Healtheir Choices.

Why does the card reader display a price after I swipe my ID card?
Don't worry, you are only charged the price of the item you select. Since prices vary, the card reader checks to see if you have enough funds left in your account to purchase the most expensive item in the machine. After you make your selection the reader will only charge you the price of your selection.

Note: The balance displayed for Payroll Deduction purchases will be a negative amount equal to your purchases made that day.

What happens to my MUlaa account at the end of the year or after I leave Miami?
The MUlaa account remains active as long as the student is enrolled. Balance remaining at the time of withdrawal, transfer or graduation will be credited to the student’s bursar account and applied to outstanding charges. Any remaining balance will be refunded.

Why are there only Pepsi product machines?
Miami University sent out requests to many beverage vendors to bid on the vending contract. Pepsi won the bid. A primary factor in awarding the contract to Pepsi was Pepsi willingness to allow 2 slots in each machine to sell non-Pepsi products such as Coke.

Can I use my ID at snack vending machines?
Yes, most snack and coffee machines accept Miami ID's.

Why can't I use my meal plan to purchase a drink?
Many parents, or other funding sources, purchase a meal plan to feed their student and do not want those funds spent on other items.

Who do I call if I have a question about vending?
Call the Manager of Vending, Perry Poppel at 529-1872. If you just have a comment, good or bad, you can always give us feedback on-line.

Can I use my 'vending' money to buy other stuff?
Yes, the MUlaa account can be used at several different places on campus. Find out more.