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The 2014-15 official move-in dates for the residence halls are as follows:
First Year students: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Upper-class students: Saturday, August 23 & Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moving in FAQ

Q. What does Miami provide to on campus students?
Q: What should I bring to campus?
A. Here are some typical things that students bring:
Q. What should I leave at home?
A. Due to the high risk of fire and damage in a communal environment, the following items are prohibited:

Q: What can I use to hang items on my walls?

Q. Are there elevators in the Residence Halls?
A. Elevator availability varies by hall. Many of our halls have elevators that are always open for general use. However, other halls have service (freight) elevators that are only available for use by students who have a medical need and are unable to use the stairs.

Q. Is it necessary to purchase property insurance?
A. The University does not assume responsibility for the loss of money or valuables, damages to property or injuries on the premises. If the Student is not covered by a Parent/Guardian homeowner's insurance policy, it is strongly recommended that insurance arrangements are made to protect against such losses.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Except for goldfish or other tropical fish, no pets are permitted in the Residence Halls. Tank size should not exceed 5 gallons, and aquarium heaters are prohibited.

Q. How is mail delivered?
A. US mail will be delivered to locked mail boxes which are located in or near the lobby of each residence hall. Each room in the building will have its own box. Packages, large-sized items, and registered mail are delivered to the University Mailroom in Wells Hall. You will be notified by email if you have a package to be picked up.

Q: Can university provided furniture be removed from rooms?
A: Due to campus storage space limitations, requests to remove university provided furniture will not be honored. Students are discouraged from bringing their own furniture to campus. Typically, rooms can only safely accommodate the furnishings provided.

Q. What housing services are available to on campus students?

Q: What do I do if I would like to have a university provided telephone in my Residence Hall room?
A: You may contact the Office of Telecommunications. They will be able to assist you in subscribing to a landline phone in your room, or a university-provided cell phone. You can find them online at www.MiamiOH.edu/Telecom.

Q. How can I request a bedrail for my bed?
A. You can request a bedrail by submitting a Maintenance Repair Request on your MyCard account.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about my housing, meal plan, or other general concern?
A. The Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (H.O.M.E.)

111 Shriver Center
Phone: (513) 529-5000
Email: home@MiamiOH.edu