Living Learning Communities for 2012-2013
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Explore and have fun

In college, learning happens all around you. In Miami's living learning communities, you'll have the opportunity to live and learn alongside other students who share your interests, and you'll explore new ideas while creating friendships that last a lifetime.

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If you have any questions concerning Living Learning Communities (LLC's), please contact the Office of Residence Life at (513) 529-4000.

Certain Living Learning Communities are highly demanded. We cannot guarantee everyone will receive their first choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Living Learning Communities locations are subject to change from year to year.

  Communities Courses*
  FSB Scholars

Open only to students admitted to this program. >>
*Open only to University Academic Scholarship recipients.
  Financial Cents

Students will learn basic financial principles to make informed choices that will hopefully impact their long-term financial security. >>
Required:  Finance 101 either Fall or Spring 
  Health Related Professions

Live with students pursuing careers in health and sports studies, exercise science, nutrition, and other related professions. >>
This community is restricted to majors in the Department of Kinesiology and Health and students interested in majoring in those fields.
Optional: KNH 116: Personal Wellness, EDL 100: Career Development for College Students, KNH 242: Personal Health 
  Celebrate the Arts

Explore art media in workshops, create and attend performances and exhibits. >>

  Emerging Leaders

Live and learn with a group of emerging leaders interested in doing their part to have a positive impact on the world. >>
Required: EDL 290 The Nature of Group Leadership (2 credit hours) 
  Courses in Common

Manage the transition into college by sharing classes with the students you live with. >>
Required: Two to three Miami Plan courses. 
The following are course clusters available for Courses in Common:
** Many clusters are major specific or dependent on test scores.
 Cluster Courses
B Business
English 111: English Composition
Business 101: Foundations of Business Decision Making
Business 102: Writing for Business Decision Making
C Engineering
English 111: English Composition
EAS 101: Computing, Engineering, and Society
Physics 181: The Physical World
Physics 183: Physics Lab
F Miami Plan Exploration A
English 111: English Composition
Math 123: Pre-Calculus
History 111: Survey of American History
G Miami Plan Exploration B
English 111: English Composition
Geology 111: The Dynamic Earth
Management 111: Introduction to Business
H Miami Plan Exploration C
English 111: English Composition
Sociology 153: Sociology in Global Contexts
Educational Leadership 110: The University and the Student
I Miami Plan Exploration D
English 111: English Composition
Microbiology 121: The Microbial World
Political Science 142: American Politics and Diversity
J Miami Plan Exploration E
English 111: English Composition
History 121: Western Civilization
Political Science 102: Political and Global Issues
K Miami Plan Exploration F
English 111: English Composition
Microbiology 111: Microorganisms and Human Disease
Psychology 111: Introduction to Psychology
L Miami Plan Exploration G
English 111: English Composition
American Studies 205: Introduction to American Studies
Psychology 111: Introduction to Psychology
M Pre-Med/ Biological Sciences
English 111: English Composition
Chemistry 144: College Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 141: College Chemistry
Botany, Microbiology, Zoology 115: Biological Concepts
Botany, Microbiology, Zoology 115: Biological Concepts
O Undeclared Option A
English 111: English Composition
Geology 111: The Dynamic Earth
Educational Leadership 100: Career Development for College Students
P Undeclared Option B
English 111: English Composition
Psychology 111: Introduction to Psychology
Educational Leadership 100: Career Development for College Students
Q Undeclared Applied Science and Chemical Engineering
English 111: English Composition
Chemistry 141: College Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 144: College Chemistry
EAS 101: Computing, Engineering, and Society
R Computer Science
English 111: College Composition
EAS 101: Computing, Engineering, and Society
CSE 174: Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving
 Cluster Courses
  Education, Families and Society

Explore themes and issues related to majors and careers in education.
Required: EDP201:  Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Context, FSW 261: Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle, or ENG 111: College Composition.

Classes are assigned depending upon major and space available.
  Environmental Awareness Program

Learn about current issues and possible careers in this field. >>


Find your direction through exploration and let your journey begin.

WST 110: Introduction to Contemporary Topics (1 credit hour)
  Explore Miami

Explore options for involvement and engagement at Miami. >>
FALL:  UNV101:  First-Year Experience (1 credit hour)  

  French Language and Culture

Experience the French culture and language. >>

 Required:  FRE 131:  Masterpieces of French Literature - taught in English (3 credit hours)

  First Year Research Experience

The FYRE Living Learning Community brings together a vibrant and diverse group of students with a common interest in making undergraduate research an integral part of their educational experience at Miami University. >>
Required:  EDL280 Undergraduate Research: Special Topics (1 credit hour)
  German Language and Culture

Participate in programs in the German culture and language. >>
  Guys in Engineering and Computing

The GiEC community is open to men with interest in and studying in the fields of engineering and computing.


  Governmental Relations Network

Have meaningful and immediate involvement in local, state, and federal government. >>
Required: EDL110: The University and the Student (1 credit hour) 

Engage in meaningful social and intellectual events to extend your learning beyond the classroom. >>
Priority given to students enrolled in the Honors Program.

  International Business

Live with domestic and international students interested in international business. >>
Limited to students admitted into the Farmer School of Business.
All students are required to take BUS151, a 1-credit business course that promotes cross cultural communication, program development, and teamwork. 
  Global Connections

Live and learn with students from around the world and American students interested in travel and other cultures. >>
Optional: IDS 151 Diversity Seminar (1 credit hour)
  Mallory-Wilson Center Premedical

Explore career opportunities in medicine. Learn about the current dynamics and issues of the medical profession, and the nature and realities of medical practice. >>

Required:  PMD 101: Explorations in Medicine. This course will provide very important, first year advising for students considering one of the healthcare professions and should enable students to develop a complete, overall plan of preparation for medical school.

  Innovation, Design Thinking, Creativity

This community will explore and develop abilities that we all have to find creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems through design thinking. By working in diverse teams and building upon the ideas of others, students will apply a human approach to problem solving that integrates intuition and analysis. The design thinking process involves: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. The foundation in design thinking that will be acquired in this community will augment a student's knowledge in their chosen field of study, provide interdisciplinary connections for their time at Miami, and provide a skill sought after by businesses and organizations around the world. >>

Required Course: SCA 111 Innovation, Creativity, and Design Thinking (3 credit hours)

  Outdoor Leadership

The Outdoor Leadership Living Learning Community is a dynamic community sponsored by the Outdoor Pursuit Center. >>
Required:  EDL 290R: Nature of Group Leadership 
  Social Justic Scholars: Citizenship and Service

Learn about people with different cultures and lifestyles, challenge stereotypes, work for cultural acceptance and understanding. >>
Required: IDS 151 Mosaic Seminar (1 credit hour) 
  Pre-Law and Public Policy

Discover the many areas of legal practice, participate in mentoring experiences. >>
Required: POL 140C: Explorations in Law (1 credit hour) 
  RedHawk Traditions

Learn about the history and traditions associated with Miami University. >>
Required:  UNV101:  First-Year Experience (1 credit hour) 
  Scholastic Enhancement Program/Undergraduate Research Option
The undergraduate research option (URO) of the Scholastic Enhancement Program (SEP). >>
This community is restricted to first year SEP students. 
Required:  EDL280  Undergraduate Research: Special Topics
  Wilks Leadership

  Spanish Language and Culture

Participate in the Spanish culture, language, and programs. >>
  Women in Science Disciplines, Engineering and Mathematics

Get to know and get advice from faculty and upperclass women in the science, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. >>
Open to female students, priority given to mathematics, science, or engineering majors

  (Upper-class Only)
Meaning and Purpose

  (Upper-class Only)
Scholar Leader

  (Upper-class Only)
Second Year Business

  (Upper-class Only)
Second Year Experience and Transfer

  (Upper-class Only)

  (Upper-class Only)
Student Created Communities

  Communities Courses*

* Living Learning community courses may be restricted to residents of the community/hall.  Students who select to participate in LLCs with course requirements or select to participate in optional courses will be enrolled in those courses prior to orientation as space permits.