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Room Cleaning Service

Let us clean your room!
  • Cleaning to include:
    • vacuum floor
    • dust all hard surfaces
    • wipe down microwave, inside and out
    • organizing displaced items, including clothing
    • make bed
    • sanitize surfaces and touch points
    • remove trash and recycling
    • wipe down outside of refrigerator
    • Changing of bed linens if you provide clean ones
  • Room cleaned once every two weeks

Miami University
Department of Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services
2013-2014 Student Room Cleaning Service
Terms & Conditions

Procedure and Terms:

Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services (HDRBS) will provide student room cleaning service for students who elect to participate in the program. Student rooms will be cleaned bi-weekly. A representative from HDRBS will work with each student to arrange a mutually agreeable time to provide service.

The following services will be provided each time the rooms are cleaned, regardless of the plan purchased by the student.

  1. All hard surfaces that can be readily reached without moving personal items will be dusted and cleaned.
  2. All door surfaces will be dusted/wiped down (including door frames and hinges).
  3. The exterior of all appliances will be wiped down and cleaned. Inside of microwave will be wiped out.
  4. The bed linens will be changed if the required linens are clean and placed on the bed to be changed. Dirty linens will be placed in a designated area.
  5. Trash and recycling (if accumulated in trash can/recycling bin) will be removed.
  6. New liners will be placed in the trash and recycling containers. (Extras will also be provided at the bottom of the receptacle)
  7. All carpeted areas that can be accessed will be vacuumed and all hard floor areas that can be accessed will be swept and wet mopped.
  8. Mirrors and interior window glass will be cleaned.
  9. Make bed.
  10. Organize displaced items, including clothing.
  11. Sanitize surfaces and touch points.

Cleaning schedule:

If the student cancels their regularly scheduled cleaning day, every effort will be made to reschedule the appointment within the same week. Cleaning will be scheduled on an assigned day every two weeks, except on certain holidays determined by the university calendar. HDRBS reserves the right to determine the service schedule and in its sole discretion and reserves the right to reschedule service upon prior notice to the student.


The fee (per semester based on room type: Single: $206, Double: $315, Triple: $420, Quad: $519) for the Student Room Cleaning Service will be posted to your student account, via the Bursar. Services that have been paid for but go unused do not carry over from month-to-month, or from service term to service term. HDRBS will not provide a refund for any under-utilization of services. Except as described in the next two paragraphs, all sales are final and all payments are non-refundable.


A student who has signed up the Student Room Cleaning Service will have the right to cancel his or her contract within fourteen (14) days of signing this agreement and receive a full refund. After the fourteen-day period, Miami University shall have no obligation to refund any amounts paid by the student.

Room Cleaning:

HDRBS will use reasonable efforts to maintain a high quality cleaning service. HDRBS does not accept liability for damage due to normal cleaning. HDRBS reserves the right to refuse to clean any room if the condition of the room poses a health or safety risk to staff.

Loss or Damage:

In the rare instance that property in your room is missing or damaged, the student may file a claim through the Ohio Court of Claims. HDRBS is not liable for any preexisting damage to personal items in the room. Missing or damaged items must be reported to us within three (3) days of the room being cleaned.

Cost per semester based on room type: Single: $206.00, Double: $315.00, Triple: $420.00, Quad: $519.00.

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