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Report a lost card 24 hours a day
Register your cell phone to open your door with a text message
Open your room door from a smart phone
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Instructions on how to open your room door from a smart phone

Miami ID

General Information
The Miami University ID card is for students, faculty, staff, and community members.
It is used for:

Submit Your ID Card Photo
For your safety and security, we strongly encourage new students to submit a photo for their Miami ID Card prior to visiting campus for Orientation. First-year students who submit their ID card photo online will receive their ID Card during Orientation in June.

Please read these guidelines to make sure your picture will be accepted
Student ID Cards
Miami University ID cards are typically issued to incoming students during Summer Orientation, which takes place during June. Transfer students receive their cards during Transfer Student Orientation, which is scheduled immediately before the beginning of each term. New graduate students can visit the ID office in 111 Shriver Center.

Faculty/Staff ID Cards
All employees are entitled to a Miami University ID Card. To obtain an ID card, bring your Personnel-issued card to 111 Shriver Center. Your picture will be taken, and you will be issued an ID card.

Community Member ID Cards
Community Member cards are issued to provide access to the Recreation Center. These cards are issued when a person joins the Recreation Center or enrolls in a fitness class. Community Member cards are created at the Recreation Sports Center Pro Shop.

Lost Cards
If you lose your Miami ID card...
Replacement Card Fee
Lost replacement ID cards are issued for a $35.00 fee, damaged ID cards are issued for a $10.00 fee. The fee may be charged to your Bursar account. Replacement ID cards may be obtained at the Office of Housing Options, Meals & Events (HOME) in Shriver Center, room 111. Regular operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm. Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. After hours replacement cards are available through the Pulley Diner at the Armstrong Student Center from 5:00pm – 8:00am, Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday during the academic year.

If a Miami ID Card is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to: www.miamioh.edu/idcard or by calling (513)529-5678.


Why hassle with cash when you have MUlaa? The MUlaa account makes on-campus spending a breeze for students and parents. MUlaa is a debit account available to all current faculty, staff, and students. It can be used for a wide variety of purchases. Everyone has a MUlaa account, all you need to do to use it is deposit money into the account and use your Miami ID. Money in the MUlaa account remains active as long as the student is enrolled. Balance remaining at the time of withdrawal, transfer or graduation will be credited to the bursar account and applied to outstanding charges. Any remaining balance will be refunded.

Deposit locations
  • On-line Bursar web payment
    • Funds available for use in approximately 1 hour when deposited between 6am and 5pm

  • On-campus dining locations
    • Funds are available for use immediately

  • HOME Office, 111 Shriver Center
    • Funds are available for use immediately

  • Value Transfer Stations (VTS) at King Library, Laws Hall Library ,Hughes Hall Copy Center and on the Hamilton and Middletown Campuses
    • Funds are available for use immediately

MUlaa is currently accepted at

MUlaa transactions can be viewed using MyCard Cardholder Statements

MyAccount statements include Diplomat & Miami Express accounts, "MUlaa" (Vending, Laundry, & other services) accounts and Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction accounts. Statements are updated each Sunday afternoon to include the previous week's activity. Login to see your cardholder statement


It's a flexible way to budget and track your dollars for off-campus spending.

You no longer need ATM cards, credit cards or cash: just your Miami University ID card. By depositing dollars into MUBucks, students can use their Miami One Card to make purchases at a variety of off-campus establishments. It is an easy and convenient way to provide your student with the money they need while in college!

Highlights of a MUBucks account
  • Purchase food, school supplies, copies and much more!
  • Alcohol purchases are prohibited
  • Discounts, contest and giveaways
  • Free movie rentals

For Parents
  • Convenient on-line deposits
  • Receive an automatic e-mail when your students balance gets low
  • It's easy. Make deposits via phone, internet, or mail
  • Your student will only need one card - their Miami I.D.
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Carries over automatically from semester to semester
  • Funds available throughout the school year - summer included!

For Students
  • Dad, mom, grandma, grandpa can add money anytime, from anywhere.
  • Use your card at your favorite Oxford businesses
  • It's convenient - you only have to carry one card
  • Your account remains active as long as it is used once every six months

Activate your account or increase your balance
  • Online at www.MUBucks.com by using a credit card or electronic check
  • By visiting the office in Uptown Oxford (8 North Beech Street) and paying with cash, check or credit card.
  • By calling the MUBucks office at 513-523-3663 and paying with a credit card or check over the phone.

Your MUBucks account is administered by Uptown Bucks LLC for Miami University

Building Access

All residence halls have Miami ID card readers installed. Access to buildings is limited through the use of the system.

Many academic buildings have control access via the Miami ID as well.


Miami ID's can be used to access meal plan funds and privileges at on-campus dining locations.

Employee Time Entry

Kronos is used on campus to manage time entry (hours worked) for staff at Miami. Miami ID's are used to clock-in and clock-out at Kronos terminals.