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It's a flexible way to budget and track your dollars for off-campus spending.

You no longer need ATM cards, credit cards or cash: just your Miami University ID card. By depositing dollars into MUBucks, students can use their Miami One Card to make purchases at a variety of off-campus establishments. It is an easy and convenient way to provide your student with the money they need while in college!

Highlights of a MUBucks account
  • Purchase food, school supplies, copies and much more!
  • Alcohol purchases are prohibited
  • Discounts, contest and giveaways
  • Free movie rentals

For Parents
  • Convenient on-line deposits
  • Receive an automatic e-mail when your students balance gets low
  • It's easy. Make deposits via phone, internet, or mail
  • Your student will only need one card - their Miami I.D.
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Carries over automatically from semester to semester
  • Funds available throughout the school year - summer included!

For Students
  • Dad, mom, grandma, grandpa can add money anytime, from anywhere.
  • Use your card at your favorite Oxford businesses
  • It's convenient - you only have to carry one card
  • Your account remains active as long as it is used once every six months

Activate your account or increase your balance
  • Online at www.MUBucks.com by using a credit card or electronic check
  • By visiting the office in Uptown Oxford (8 North Beech Street) and paying with cash, check or credit card.
  • By calling the MUBucks office at 513-523-3663 and paying with a credit card or check over the phone.

Your MUBucks account is administered by Uptown Bucks LLC for Miami University