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Why hassle with cash when you have MUlaa? The MUlaa account makes on-campus spending a breeze for students and parents. MUlaa is a debit account available to all current faculty, staff, and students. It can be used for a wide variety of purchases. Everyone has a MUlaa account, all you need to do to use it is deposit money into the account and use your Miami ID. Money in the MUlaa account remains active as long as the student is enrolled. Balance remaining at the time of withdrawal, transfer or graduation will be credited to the bursar account and applied to outstanding charges. Any remaining balance will be refunded.

Deposit locations
  • On-line Bursar web payment
    • Funds available for use in approximately 1 hour when deposited between 6am and 5pm

  • On-campus dining locations
    • Funds are available for use immediately

  • HOME Office, 111 Shriver Center
    • Funds are available for use immediately

  • Value Transfer Stations (VTS) at King Library, Laws Hall Library ,Hughes Hall Copy Center and on the Hamilton and Middletown Campuses
    • Funds are available for use immediately

MUlaa is currently accepted at

MUlaa transactions can be viewed using MyCard Cardholder Statements

MyAccount statements include Diplomat & Miami Express accounts, "MUlaa" (Vending, Laundry, & other services) accounts and Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction accounts. Statements are updated each Sunday afternoon to include the previous week's activity. Login to see your cardholder statement