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Staff Development

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Skillport is an e-learning community with whom Miami University has a contract. Any staff member is eligible for these classes. There are hundreds of classes offered (from programming computers to developing a web page and courses on getting started with Microsoft Word and Using the Internet) and a few that are required for certain groups of people. Some Skillport courses are also acceptable choices for the Job Enrichment Program.
Some available courses are:
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Power Point
    Microsoft Front Page
    Microsoft Access

These courses can be accessed from your home computer as long as you have java and are connected in some way to the internet. You do NOT have to be connected through Miami University. If you are not connected to the internet, but are interested in taking computer courses, there is a disk available with limited courses that you can borrow from the Office of Staff Development.

If you have any trouble accessing these courses, please contact the Office of Staff Development at 529-0949 or 529-9558.

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